Some spring blooms,cherries and pretty material make an easy as pie wreath!

Hi there,Thanks so much for coming by. I just noticed something and maybe you can or cannot relate to this, when we arrived home we sat and watched a movie, well Mr. Sweet was watching the movie but I was watching the décor in the homes instead. They had the cutest tea set and many vintage things that I would buy. So in all actuality I realty was not watching the movie, Any of you do this??

I crafted a super easy wreath that anyone could make all I used was a spring bloom garland, some pretty Faux cherries and some coordinating material.

The flower garland I bought at Michaels Store, The cherries were bought at a thrift sale. Just attaching the garland with floral wire and Tieing some material bows and hot gluingthe cherries on , simple but pretty! I just love Putting wreaths here and there it seems to brighten up a door and welcome guests, Thanks for stopping by!   I will be sharing here:

How Sweet the Sound