Tired old stool gets a marvelous makeover!

Hope everyone is enjoying the summerness! Are you bombarded with rain storms, mosquitoes, kids sleepovers and humidity? Well I have this tired old stool that I bought at a yard sale a while back for 2.00, it is one of the strongest stools I have ever seen. It's along side my work table in my kitchen service room. Their is always someone sitting on it either frosting cupcakes or watching me work my magic. So I thought a vintage style makeover was in order. Here she is with her tired old top and light colored legs.  I came across my grandmothers vintage table cloth. It had some holes in it so I thought it was time to repurpose  the beautiful crocheted lace. So I took some black chalk paint that I mixed myself  about 2 teaspoons of baking soda with about 1 cup of paint. The paint should not be to thick and should go on smoothly.  After the paint was dry I proceeded with the cover I used a piece of burlap, I measured it about 3 inches extra so I would have room enough to staple. The next step I took a rubber stamp and gave her some style. Now it was time to incorporate the tablecloth.

Oh boy if my grandma seen me cutting this up . I used pieces on the rungs and just below the seat. I also sanded here and there to let her real age show through. Do you have an old stool sitting idle waiting for some new life?