My crazy neighbor threw 3 of these away,Can you believe it!

You know the quote ,"One mans trash is another man treasure". Well thank you kind neighbor, I cant believe the wonderful stuff that gets thrown away. So this is how it went down, on the way to the store we passed these three Adirondak chairs so naturally I backed up and quickly loaded them into my trunk naturally it wouldn't close. So back to my house with my new found treasures. The wood was bare and just crying for some type of paint treatment. There's my teenage daughter standing there with a grin on her face," What are you bringing home now?", she snipped at me. "Quiet", I replyed. They know better than to get in my way when I'm on a mission . The next day I created my own spray paint. I took some and some blue and put it in good quality utilitie spray bottle with some water about one quarter paint and three quarters water shook it up and started spraying . I did it in the simmering sun so the paint would bake onto the wood. I actually drenched the paint on. Then I took and painted some red for a patriotic look. They are perfect for around my fire pit. So have you found any good stuff lately? Thrift treasures, trash finds and inexpensive buys are always great!